Whenever bananas and health are used in the same sentence the term potassium comes to almost every one’s mind. However the health benefits of bananas are much broader in scope than just potassium. Considered by many to be one of the world’s most perfect whole foods, the common banana is certainly one of the most nutritionally dense foods on the planet.

Fat free, cholesterol free, and sodium free, bananas do have potassium, protein, fiber, vitamins A, B-6, B-12, vitamin C, as well as pectin, and the amino acid tryptophan.  Made up of 75% water bananas are the fourth most consumed food plant on earth after rice, wheat, and corn.

Bananas as a Whole Food

Bananas is one of those must-have foods people get when they go to market much like bread milk, and eggs.  No matter what else is on the shopping list, bananas usually make it into the cart as well.  This hasn’t necessarily been because they are healthy, but because they taste great. Kids love them, which is a big blessing, because bananas, or any other whole food are best when they are started at an early age.

The actual health influences from eating bananas are vast, some being benefits developed and maintained over years and some that are quite immediate.

Immediate Health Benefits

Energy Levels

At any athletic event you will often notice that the athletes eat bananas for a quick boost of sustainable energy. Anyone needing a fast pick-me-up can be assisted by eating a banana!

Bananas provide this energy boost by the combined levels of B-vitamins and carbohydrates.  The glucose, fructose, and sucrose in this tasty fruit put some people off due to concerns about weight, but at only 100 calories per banana the natural sugars in this fruit are extremely bio-available.  With the help of the fiber that bananas contain they quickly metabolize and don’t end up as fat.

One good sized banana provides almost a quarter of the recommended daily amount of B-6 vitamins, 15% of RDA fiber, vitamin C, potassium, and the right kinds of amino acids.

The mood elevating chemical triptophan, aside from being instrumental in producing blood cells, also helps to reduce stress.

The quick energy that we mentioned before also serves to keep you alert and improves the functioning of our brain.  As long as you don’t eat them before bedtime, who couldn’t use a mental pick-me-up during the day, (starting with breakfast).  With no harsh chemicals or strong stimulants, and certainly being less expensive than those little mini bottles that are so popular right now, the banana health benefits are a stronger case.


Dried Banana



The dehydrated banana is a very energetic and is mainly consumed as a snack and as an ingredient in breakfast cereals, also it is used in industry as raw material for granolas, jams, sweets, etc. This further concentrated dried fruit its original nutritional value and medicinal properties.


A fusion of the best chocolate (semi-sweet) bananas DICED thin and dehydrated, with a unique flavor that fly compelling, merging is not only delicious but also a super food, by the union of the benefits of chocolate and dried banana.

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